Gooseneck Trailer Spring Cleaning Checklist

Gooseneck Trailer Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! It is time for sunshine, shows and wildflowers everywhere! However, it is also time for some serious Spring cleaning. Your Gooseneck trailer has likely been sitting in the field all winter being bombarded by the elements. Now is the time to check it over from hitch to bumper to ensure everything is operating smoothly and safely. We have put together a Gooseneck trailer Spring cleaning checklist.

Gooseneck Trailer Spring Cleaning Checklist

Wash Your Gooseneck Trailer

The best way to see how your trailer has fared over the winter months is to do a complete cleaning. This is ideal for completely removing any soiled or wet shavings and hosing out our trailers after every major use. However, we rarely do so since it is time consuming.

Therefore, even if you have already stripped your Gooseneck trailer of shavings, you are going to want to get the hose with a good spray nozzle and completely hose out the inside of the cargo compartment. You will also want to get yourself a good brush to scrub the mats and the side walls.

Examine the Floors

The next step in Gooseneck trailer Spring cleaning is to lift up those mats and have a good look at the actual floor of your trailer. Moisture from urine or water splashing up on the underside of the floor as your drive can cause the wood to weaken over time and lose some of its stability.

If you have live cargo, this is the part of the trailer they are standing on — what separates them from the road — so you must make sure that your trailer’s floor is regularly maintained and cleaned.

Tires and Wheel Bearings

Tires and wheel bearings also require Gooseneck trailer spring cleaning. As your trailer sits in the weather through the winter, the tires can become cracked or weather worn. Many will never wear the treads off their tires before there is a need to replace them for other reasons.

Therefore, unlike with your vehicle, trailer tire safety is not just a matter of examining the tread. Make sure to look closely at your spare tire, as well.

Check the Lights and Trailer Brakes

It has most likely been a while since you have driven your trailer, and, let’s face it, we don’t normally stand behind our trailers as we pull out of the barn, so it is time to make sure that all of your rig’s lights are working properly. This includes the brake lights, running lights, turn signals and the interior loading lights.

It’s always ideal to keep spare bulbs of each type in a box in your trailer in case something goes out while you are away at a show or on a riding excursion. If you do have an issue with any of your lights, replace them with your spares and then buy new spares. You will also want to check the wiring for your lights, just to ensure that nothing is exposed or has been damaged by the weather.


These are the main items to check when preparing your Gooseneck trailer for Spring. Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below for more information!

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