Gooseneck Trailer Summer Road Trip Preparation

Gooseneck trailer summer road trip preparation

Are you planning a long summer road trip with your trailer? At Gooseneck Trailers, we have trailer hitches, parts and other towing accessories important for your journey. We consider it our duty to equip your Gooseneck trailer and make sure it is ready for the road ahead, which is why we are here to offer some tips on Gooseneck trailer summer road trip preparation.

Summer Road Trip Preparation Steps for Trailers

Driving the Right Truck or SUV

One of the most important things of Gooseneck trailer summer road trip preparation is to make sure the vehicle that will be towing your Gooseneck trailer is up to the task. In addition, confirm the gross weight rating specified by the manufacturer for your truck or SUV does not exceed the maximum load you are pulling. Can it really haul the amount of weight it needs to, taking into consideration the weather and terrain you will likely encounter on the journey?

If this is the case, make sure to get your vehicle properly serviced, aligned and tuned up prior to the beginning of the summer road trip. This will help you minimize the risk of damage.

Pick Up the Correct Trailer Hitch

Pick the correct hitch, as it is important to Gooseneck trailer summer road trip preparation. The type of trailer hitch you need is dependent on numerous factors, such as towing weight, axle angle and vehicle type.

For the best advice on what to get, stop by Gooseneck Trailers or contact us. We supply towing accessories to suit all of your trailer traveling needs, including Gooseneck trailer hitches.

Research your Route

Do you know which states you will be traveling through, and what trailer regulations will be in effect there? Make sure to acquire all of the applicable permits (e.g. wide loads) prior to setting off.

In addition, when planning out rest stops and overnight stays, ensure there’s room for you to park. It’s also ideal to do a “test” drive to the nearest weight station, after having loaded up your Gooseneck trailer with everything you will need on the actual trip.


Need Gooseneck trailer hitches and towing accessories? Don’t hesitate to contact Gooseneck Trailers with the link below for more information or check out our online store today!

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