Hauling Your Trailer During Winter


Your Gooseneck trailer can be hauled all year long, even during the dead of winter, as long as you do so safely. Learn how to ready your rig for hauling during the winter. Before you set out on the road with your cargo in tow, you need to ready your rig for winter conditions. Here’s how you do this.

Apply Reflective Decals

Extra reflective decals should be applied on the back and sides of your Gooseneck trailer, so that other drivers can see your rig in poor conditions.

Invest in Good Tires

It is important to invest in quality tires for your entire rig. Check your tire pressure before every trip you make. It also important to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Check All Lights

Recruit an assistant to help you check all the lights on your trailer, as well as your towing vehicle. Any non-functioning lights should be replaced.

Carry Chains

If snow or ice are significant in your area, be sure to keep quality chains handy. Also, check your state’s chain requirements. Typically, if you have to chain up the drive axle of your towing vehicle, you should have chains on the trailer as well.

Top Off the Fuel Tank

Avoid letting your fuel tank get below a half-tank. Also, be sure to carry extra fuel if you will be driving in remote areas.

Top Off the Windshield-Wiper Fluid

Be sure the windshield wipers are working properly. Place a long-handled windshield scraper in your vehicle.

Sync the Brakes

Ensure that your trailer brakes complement the brakes of your towing vehicle. When you are on a steep downhill in slick conditions, you may need to slow your trailer with brakes greater than your vehicle’s brakes. Also, make sure to follow the brake laws of the state you are traveling in.

Typically, brakes are ideally set on dry, flat ground at a slow speed and need to be adjusted for the load. The electronic brake should be positioned so you can manually engage it via the thumb control.

Turn Off Cruise Control

If your vehicle starts sliding, the precious second or two that it takes to turn off the cruise control may doom your chances of maintaining control.

Weight Your Towing Vehicle

If you will be towing a trailer without cargo, keep in mind that it will jackknife more easily than a loaded one. For better control, make sure to place concrete blocks or bags of sand into the back of your truck to add weight over the rear axle.

Pack Cold Weather Gear

If you have horses you are hauling, pack extra hay and at least 10 gallons of water (non-frozen). For you, make sure to carry a cell phone with charger, emergency blankets, jackets, high-energy snack foods and a thermos of hot drink, in case your towing vehicle or trailer breaks down and you need to wait roadside for help.


These are just a few tips for hauling your trailer during winter. Contact Gooseneck Trailers with the link below for more information!

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