Horse Trailer Preparation for Show Season

horse trailer preparation

Show traveling season is right around the corner. Before the start of this season, many equine enthusiasts perform basic, yet essential, maintenance on their trailers. Investing time to do routine preventative maintenance will ensure your trailer will be in optimal shape to provide safe travel for precious cargo. Checking the following parts will ensure your horse trailer preparation for show season is a success.

Horse Trailer Preparation


Tires are the first horse trailer preparation part to check before traveling for show season. The treads should be intact with no cracking on all of your tires, even your spare.

In addition, examine the tire pressure, as tires tend to lose pressure during the colder winter months.


Check the lights of your horse trailer as well before traveling. There’s nothing more dangerous than turn lights that refuse to blink in the dark.

Make sure to plug in your trailer lights. Also, check to make sure they are all working properly.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are also an important horse trailer preparation part to ensure safe show season traveling.

Once a year the wheel bearings on horse trailers should be repacked. They are in dire need if you can feel a lot of play when you jack up your trailer and rock the wheel back and forth.


If you have your wheel bearings serviced with a professional, your brakes will be checked at the same time.

For those doing it yourself, you will want to inspect the brake pads to make sure they have plenty of life. Also, make sure that each brake is fully engaged and that the breakaway battery has a good charge.


Your Gooseneck hitch needs to be working properly for horse trailer preparation as well. Regardless if you have a Gooseneck or a pull-behind trailer, your hitch is your tow vehicle’s only connection point to your horse.

Make sure the hitch still fits tightly and is in great condition, without any movement that might indicate broken or weakened welds. When connected, your trailer should tip upwards very slightly.

Spring Cleaning

Now is the time for some serious Spring cleaning. Your Gooseneck trailer has likely been sitting in the field all winter long being bombarded by the elements. Check your trailer over from hitch to bumper to make sure that everything is operating smoothly and safely.

If you travel to a lot of horse events and shows, you have probably take to using your horse trailer as a portable storage unit for gear, blankets and other horse stuff. This is an ideal time to go through your dressing room or tack storage to make sure that you only have gear on board that you will need for an upcoming event. Dressage and other costumed performers should clean out their closets, only keeping what you absolutely must have for the next event.

Living quarters need a regular going-over as well to make sure that your appliances are working correctly, you’ve got plenty of water and gas on board that any motorized equipment is still operating properly.


One of the best feelings a horse owner can have is knowing that your horse trailer is sound and your horse is traveling safely. Don’t hesitate to contact Gooseneck Trailers with the link below for more information!

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