Importance of Gooseneck Trailer Axles Maintenance


Gooseneck trailer axles have a lot riding on them. Therefore, taking good care of this crucial element of your rig is necessary. One of the more debilitating disablements for a Gooseneck trailer is axle failure. Axle failure can put you and your cargo in great danger on the side of the highway. In addition, it also presents on-the-scene repair challenge. We will discuss the importance of Gooseneck trailer axles maintenance.

Most of the time with axle failure, it’s necessary for you or your motor plan to locate emergency stabling (live cargo), as well as alternative transportation to the stabling facility. This will require unloading and reloading your horses in an undesirable area.

Gooseneck Trailer Axles Maintenance

Moisture Can Build Up in an Axle

One of the main reasons your Gooseneck trailer axles need regular servicing is that built-up moisture can occur in an axle. This can result in the grease becoming diluted and breaking down, which renders it unable to properly lubricate.

Therefore, it is crucial to perform this simple maintenance regularly, even if you do not use your Gooseneck trailer often.

Damage Can Occur with Irregular Gooseneck Trailer Axles Maintenance

In addition to bearing failure, irregular axle maintenance can lead to axle damage.

This requires replacing the axle, thereby turning an inexpensive maintenance procedure into an expensive repair.

How Often Do Trailer Axles Need Servicing?

Make sure that your Gooseneck trailer axles are serviced annually, or every 12,000 miles, which requires taking your trailer to a mechanic. The mechanic will inspect the axle, replace any worn parts, and re-pack the bearings with high-temperature bearing grease, or change the 90-weight oil for oil bath axles.

Even if your trailer has hubs that consist of grease fittings, this simple maintenance ensures the safety of you and your cargo. The grease fittings will allow you to add more grease. However, they do not provide a way to remove old, moisture-diluted grease. When adding grease, make sure to not to add too much and damage your grease seals. These seals keep oil or grease in and moisture out.

Oil Bath Axles Require Servicing Bi-Annually

For oil bath axles, which are lubricated by oil reservoir, our team here at Gooseneck trailers recommends changing the oil bi-annually. Even if the oil is full, these axles require inspection from a qualified mechanic. Proper oil will have a golden or amber appearance. If the system has dark or cloudy oil, you should have the trailer axle serviced immediately.

We also recommend that horse owners carry a spare set of axle bearings when traveling on the road. It is much easier to locate a mechanic to make a repair than to have to locate and dispatch specific axle components.


If you travel great distances, or on nights and weekends this is particularly necessary, as many part suppliers are not open on weekends. Worn Gooseneck trailer axles can cause tires to wear improperly as well. This introduces a number of other hazards for those traveling on the road. Contact Gooseneck Trailers with the link below for more information on Gooseneck trailer axles maintenance, or to purchase your correct replacement bearings for your axles!

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