Importance of Lighting on Gooseneck Trailers


Owning a trailer is a delicate dance between use, maintenance and repair. If there’s one thing beyond the basic that can’t be ignored, it’s your lighting system. Lighting for your Gooseneck trailer makes a huge difference to both you and your cargo’s travel experience. No matter if you’re looking at purchasing a new trailer or simply intend to upgrade your old one, there are many reasons to pay attention to the lighting.


The most important reason for lighting on your Gooseneck trailer is safety. Lots of bright lights means safety for you and your cargo while traveling. If the other traffic on the highway can’t see you or incorrectly believes they’ve managed to pass you on a dark highway, accidents can occur. Consider exchanging your old bulb-based lights for bright LEDs. Although you’ll be spending a little more, you’ll never have another bulb go bad and other drivers will always know exactly where your Gooseneck trailer begins and ends.


If your cargo is livestock, there has been studies that have found that horses prefer to walk into a brighter trailer than one that is dimly lit. In fact, many horses can be cured of their nervous loading simply by adding more light inside your trailer. Having LED lights running along the ceiling of the trailer can greatly increase your horse’s willingness to get inside the trailer and help them stay more relaxed while traveling.


More lighting increases visibility. Increased visibility can help greatly decrease the amount of accidents and missteps that can cause serious injury to both you and your cargo. It can also make it easier for both you and your livestock to move into or out of the trailer. The more lighting the better, so keep wiring new bulbs to those old switches.

Loading and Unloading

If you have to load or unload after dark, lighting can definitely be helpful. Having loading lights coupled with your interior LEDs can greatly improve loading and unloading in the dark. Your livestock will feel much more confident in the lighted area and you’ll be able to better tend to his needs.


Stopping the the middle of a long trip to check a strange sound or feed your livestock can be both frightening and challenging without ample outside and inside lighting. Sure, you can handle these chores with a flashlight, but it would be much better to have that hand free to tend to your cargo or fix your trailer.


While your tires, floor and trailer suspension are all valuable parts of your trailer, the lighting on your Gooseneck trailer is equally valuable. Consider upgrading your lighting to LEDs and add lights where they should have always been, especially if you tend to load or unload after dark. Contact Gooseneck Trailers today for more information!

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