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Canvas Tarps

Our canvas tarps here at Gooseneck Trailers are made for both small and large trailers. We recommend using canvas tarps for every transporting job. A tarp will protects your items and prevents them from falling off the trailer during the transporting job. Leaving your trailer uncovered might also cause pedestrian accidents and damages to the surrounding vehicles.  Our canvas tarps are mildew proof, acid resistant, tear resistant and have arctic flexibility. Contact us for any canvas tarp ordering questions!


axle_beamThe primary purpose of trailer axles is to support and align the spindles, which in turn keeps the hubs and wheels (and your trailer) running straight and true. Gooseneck Trailer axles come in all manner of shapes and designs, custom built to suit the specific trailer. Our trailer axles are very durable, extremely lightweight, highly serviceable and are available in various integral spindle profiles.


SuspensionA trailer suspension system includes springs or torsion bars and other components that connect the vehicle to its wheels. Suspension is important because if it is weak this can lead to difficulty steering and controlling the vehicle, increased tire and shock wear and other problems.


Hubs-DrumsTrailer hubs and drums are a crucial part of any Gooseneck trailer. Those who have experienced issues with their wheels while transporting cargo can attest to the inconvenience a faulty wheel can cause. If a wheel is unsteady it can cause hazardous and expensive repairs, while endangering other drivers around you. Gooseneck Trailers has all types, styles and sizes of drums and hubs to suit your needs.


BrakesTrailer brakes are an essential part of the installed towing equipment needed to make a trip safe. The majority of states have towing laws that stipulate that trailer brakes (separate from tow vehicle brakes) are mandatory when the trailer exceeds a certain weight limit; often times, that limit is around 3000 pounds (although in some states it’s 1500 pounds, and in others it’s 4500 pounds).


ElectricalOwning a trailer is a delicate dance between use, maintenance and repair. If there’s one thing beyond the basic that can’t be ignored, it’s your electrical lighting system. Lighting for your Gooseneck trailer makes a huge difference to both you and your cargo’s travel experience. No matter if you’re looking at purchasing a new trailer or simply intend to upgrade your old one, there are many reasons to pay attention to the lighting.

Hardware/Cargo Control

HardwareWhile accidents with trailers are fairly uncommon, they do happen. If you own a trailer, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that accidents don’t happen when you are towing your trailer. This means ensuring your trailer is on tight and fail safes are set up to prevent the worst possible scenarios. Hardware such as safety chains, latches, cargo control and D-Rings are some of the simplest fail safes and they have been a standby to help prevent accidents for a long time.


TowingBall mounts, hitch balls and receiver tubes are all extremely important for towing. Gooseneck hitches are designed to handle the heavy tow load that accompanies a Gooseneck trailer. Special installation kits and bracket sets are used to mount a Gooseneck hitch. In addition to high towing capacity, Gooseneck hitches contain tighter turn radius capabilities and subtle presence in the truck bed.


Jacks-CouplersTrailer jacks and couplers are a crucial part of safe towing. A trailer jack raises and lowers the trailer so that you can connect the coupler to and disconnect it from the ball on your hitch. It also keeps the trailer level when it’s not attached to the tow vehicle.


TiresThere are few things as important and underappreciated as the tires on Gooseneck trailers. They can either give your cargo a smooth ride and make pulling a breeze when properly matched to your axles and load, or they can create a hauling nightmare that may cause you to reconsider ever getting on the road again.


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Before hitting the road, there are several trailer parts that you need to check. Any broken trailer parts should be repaired or replaced before taking a trip to ensure safety. A full inspection of your Gooseneck trailer is time well invested prior to loading it up and hitting the road. Not only is your trailer breaking down expensive, it can also be dangerous for you, your passengers and other vehicles around you while on the road. Also, be sure you are compliant with all DOT Regulations when towing.

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