Pros & Cons of LED Trailer Lights


LED lights (light-emitting diode lights) offer several unique benefits over standard lights for trailers, though they do have some drawbacks. Here are few pros and cons of LED trailer lights to consider before you decide to add them to your vehicle.

Pros of LED Trailer Lights

Better Road Safety

LED trailer lights provide higher visibility to cars at night, which ensures better safety while driving. As opposed to the single bulbs in traditional lighting features, LED lights are built with several bulb systems that usually emit an array of tiny, sometimes colorful glittering lights. This makes both towing vehicles and trailers easier to spot in the dark by drivers of other cars following behind.

Energy Efficiency

LED trailer lighting requires only a minimal amount of energy to function. Trailer lights made of LED, therefore, create less strain on car batteries. As a result, car batteries can last longer than they typically do, which gives drivers even more opportunities to save a few bucks in their wallets.


LED trailer lights may last for 10 years or more because they are highly durable. Unlike their traditional incandescent counterparts, LED trailer lights are less susceptible to breakage because they do not have a filament and the heat they produce is highly concentrated. Not only have they been created to withstand harsh road conditions, but they also may remain intact even when subjected to several intense road vibrations and thermal shocks. Additionally, LED trailer lights produce less heat and are relatively cool to the touch, thereby protecting plastic vehicle components that may be placed near them.

Cons of LED Trailer Lights

Higher Initial Cost

While LED trailer lighting may help people save more money in the long run, the initial cost of purchase of this type of lighting mechanism for vehicles can be expensive.

Complex Drive Circuit

The drive circuits of LED trailer lights are often a little more complex compared to the circuits of the traditional type of vehicle lights. In some cases, the complexity of these circuits may cause trouble, which can be an issue to the owners and or drivers.


These are just a few of the pros and cons of LED trailer lights. Overall, the benefits offered by LED trailer lights far outweigh their drawbacks. Contact Gooseneck Trailers with the link below for more information!

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