Trailer Brakes: Flatbed Trailers


There are many questions when it comes to the brakes of flatbed trailers. No matter the style of flatbed trailer, we have you covered! Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Does the Flatbed Trailer Require Brakes?

No, but brakes are strongly recommended. Most 4×4 vehicles are modified with larger tires and often do not have brake upgrades which results in greater stopping distances. Adding on a tow vehicle will increase the stopping distance. With improved braking, many accidents can be avoided. Additionally, certain techniques can be employed in on & off road situations with trailer braking that can be manipulated via the in-cab controller.

Will I Need a Brake Controller?

Yes, if the brake option is selected an electric brake controller will be required.

Why Do Flatbed Trailer Brakes Matter?

These trailers are similar to Livestock Trailers, but flatbed trailers carry cargo. Stopping a trailer isn’t always a graceful maneuver, especially if your trailer is weighed down with cargo. Additional brakes on the axles of your flatbed trailer will help bring your trailer to a gentle stop. This will reduce the possible risk of damaging your cargo. This is beneficial because it will protect you and other drivers should your flatbed trailer break loose from your truck.

Properly designed brakes are important to ensure that your trailer stops when it needs to without causing any accidents or possible damage to your cargo. Although, you might rarely think about them, brakes are one of the most significant features on your flatbed trailer.

Safety is the number one priority here at Gooseneck Trailers. When you buy your next flatbed trailer from us, you can rest assured that it will come fully equipped with responsive brakes and adequate safety systems to protect your valuable cargo.

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  1. I’m glad that you answered whether a flatbed trailer would require brakes. I need a flatbed pretty soon, so I would like to know whether that’s a safety feature that I should look for. It helps that you said that they aren’t required to have brakes, but it’s recommended to help avoid accidents. Thanks for the information!

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