Trailer Brakes: Pole Trailers


There are many questions when it comes to the brakes of pole trailers. No matter the style of pole trailer, we have you covered! Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Do I Measure Brake Current or Amperage?

7 inch brakes draw about 2.5 amps per brake, while all other brake magnets draw about 3 amps per brake. Multiplying this number by the number of brakes/magnets connected to the brake system will give you the total system amperage. The engine of the towing vehicle should be running to measure the brake current. Disconnect the wire at each point you wish to measure the current draw. Then put the ammeter in series with this line. The ammeter should have sufficient capacity and note polarity to prevent damage to your ammeter.

How Often Should I Adjust My Brakes?

We recommend that brakes should be adjusted:

  • after the first 200 miles of operation when the brake shoes and drums have “seated”
  • at 3000 mile intervals
  • or as use or performance requires

Do I Need to Replace My Brakes if the Brake Linings Are Cracked?

Under normal use, light cracking of the surface of a brake lining can be expected. This does not require replacement. However, your brake lining will require replacement if it is deeply cracked to the shoe surface or if there is missing chunks.

Why Do I Have to Adjust My Brakes?

Lining and drum wear that occurs during the use of the braking system causes the brakes to need adjustment. Manual adjustment is required in some brakes to move the lining closer to the drum.


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