What Type of Livestock Trailer is Right For You?


Shopping for the right type of livestock trailer for your needs can be an overwhelming task. There are many different needs for trailers, thus why there are are so many options. Here are a few tips and facts to help you decide which trailer will best fit your needs and leave you satisfied with your experience.

Types of Steel Stock Trailers

Steel Stock Goosenecks

Gooseneck trailers are named for their long trailer tongues which are meant to rise up and extend into the pickup beds. They can carry heavy loads and are usually larger in size. These trailers can make sharper turns to be taken at slow speeds, increasing its ability to maneuver.

Steel Stock Bumper Pull

This trailer is great for hauling a few livestock from point A to point B. It is a compact model with a design that eliminates wheel wells to ensure a more suitable fit for your livestock.

Types of Aluminum Stock Trailers

Aluminum Stock Goosenecks

These Gooseneck trailer’s include wrap-around LED lighting and wiring that enhances the safety of the livestock. Curbside escape door for emergency use is also a plus. An aluminum treadplate floor that is skid-free is also included.

Aluminum Stock Bumper Pull

Aluminum Stock Bumper Pull trailer’s are designed to haul livestock over rugged terrains. It has a full aluminum body and a double deck with street-side escape doors. Also has a thick, sturdy rubber mat floor.

Types of Ground Load Livestock Trailers

Big Haul Cattle Trailers

For private or commercial hauling, the Big Haul is one of the handiest trailers you can own. Loads from the ground with no chute needed. The Big Haul also has maximum maneuverability.

Step Deck Trailers

Step up to the big league with maximum hauling capacity, versatility, and agility of the Gooseneck design in our Step- Deck Livestock Trailer. The ultimate Gooseneck hitch trailer for the serious cattleman.


This is just beginners guide to finding the right type of livestock trailer to best fit your needs. It always good to discuss with your network of friends of farmers and ranchers to get their opinions on different types of livestock trailers. Also, reviewing information online such as trailer forums can help you learn about the different types of trailers. Keep track of your research and good luck!

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